New Android Sample Projects

One thing that has made iOS development bearable over the years is the large amount of sample code Apple provides through their dev portal. Google have always had samples too, but they’ve often felt underdone and hidden in various optional downloads. Thankfully those days are behind thanks to the new ‘Import Samples’ menu in Android Studio.

Google added some great new samples today that you should definitely check out. The two most interesting ones to me are the full featured apps they’ve built:

  • Universal Music Player – demonstrates how to build an entire music playing app, including Google Cast and Android Wear support.
  • XYZTouristAttractions – a recent addition that shows how a modern Android app should work and behave, and again integrates with Android Wear.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen samples from Apple that are as full featured as these and digging through them has taught me quite a few things. So whether you’re an iOS developer exploring the world of Android or a seasoned Android veteran, I highly recommended downloading and playing with some of these samples.