What Did The Dynamite Say To The Fuse?

A little over a year ago I decided that it was a bit odd that I’d never experienced the other side of podcasting. I helped build Pocket Casts, an amazing app for listening to podcasts that’s available on iOS, Android and even the web. I had also made guest appearances on quite a few podcasts for interviews and commentary. But I’d never actually edited a podcast, seen one submitted to iTunes or experienced the regular week in, week out life that podcasters all over the world live.

I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but somehow Jelly and I got together and decided we wanted to try to make a podcast together. I had met Jelly previously at a conference in Melbourne, and he had me once or twice on the Mobile Couch podcast. Long story short Topical was born. Our original idea was that we’d each take opposing sides on a topic, and debate it for no more than 30 minutes. For whatever reason Topical turned into another kind of show altogether, with episode 4 probably being the closest we ever got to that vision. I learnt how to edit a podcast, what goes into publishing a podcast and all sorts of things about microphones, background noise and sound proofing.

It was a great ride, I still remember how much fun it was to record things like Shower Thoughts. Or the time we unveiled Myke Hurley’s killing spree. Casey Liss joined us to talk emotions. Wendy Zukerman (who has the best voice in podcasting, bar none) talked Science Journalism with us. But as with every ride, it had to come to an end one day. In true Topical fashion the episode aptly named ‘The End’ wasn’t the end, the Epilogue was. It’s worth staying right to the end of that one to see what transpires in the future for Topical.

So to anyone that ever listened to our fun experiment, I thank you. I had a blast doing it and I think we ended on a high note. Also if you’re reading this in the future and robots have indeed taken all our jobs, please don’t tell Jelly, I can’t bare the indignity of him being right about that one.