Joe Bloggs, But Rusty Doesn’t

When I first started Rusty Rants, I had no clear goal in mind for how often I’d post here. My idea was that whenever something took my fancy and was too long for Twitter, I’d drop it here.¬†As the site got more and more popular though, it started to make me think twice before posting things to it. Is this good enough? What if I’m wrong about this? It certainly didn’t help that I met a lot of people from both Google and Apple at I/O and WWDC that all said they read it. I felt like yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN KIDS”…but then I remembered that I’d set up this lawn and stuck a sign on it that said “Come take a look, everything is free”.

So let’s make a deal, you and I dear reader. I’ll leave the stats page closed and post whatever takes my fancy. You in turn will just skip over anything that bores you. Deal? Deal. Awesome.

So the first thing I haven’t been posting about is every time a new episode of Material comes out. I think I might from now on, just for kicks. Todays episode is for anyone who has ever wondered about what Google Now is, and where it’s going. Next weeks episode is going to be super interesting, but I might leave that a surprise.

I wrote a draft of a slightly conspiratorial post about how it was interesting that Apple News and ad-blocking Safari extensions were both launching with iOS 9. One being exclusively supported by iAds, the other one potentially cutting off mobile ads on iOS at the knees. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t publish it without researching it more. I’d like to do more of that from now on. In fact for those on iOS 9, I added this very blog to the platform, just to see how it all worked. You can add it by tapping this link on your iOS 9 device.

Oh, and future posts should be more about other things and less about me. Look at me making all these rules with myself and agreements with you, my imaginary Internet friends. We should totally poke each other on Facebook sometime!