All The Things

I’m still catching up on all things work and decompressing after spending 15 days in the US for Google I/O and WWDC. In place of some blog posts, I thought I’d throw out a few other places you can hear me talk about recent events.

First up there’s our Google Play Developer video which was a blast to be involved in:

I was recently on episode 32 and episode 33 of the Design Details podcast (Pocket Casts link). We chatted about Google I/O, WWDC and some weird designer stuff I’ve never heard of 😉

I was of course on episode 13 and episode 14 of Topical (Pocket Casts link). Again we chatted about Google I/O and WWDC. Episode 14 though was more dear to my heart, it was all about Internet Fame.

I got to be on All About Android and try out my American accent. I think Ron loved it.

Chris Lacy of Action Launcher fame also invited me on his aptly name ‘The Blerg’ podcast to chat about, you guessed it, WWDC. (Pocket Casts link)

If you love short podcasts, then my appearance on inThirty is for you. You’ll never guess how long it goes for.

If that’s not enough Rusty in your life, then honestly, you probably need some therapy. Either that or you need to watch this gif on repeat.