We Shipped!

Shipping is hard. So hard that sometimes I like to make joke websites about it. My personal favourite would have to be http://www.hasbjangoreleasedskala.com/, for my friend Marc, who I honestly believe will ship the most amazing design app we’ve ever seen. Just not today, well let me refresh, yep, not today. A close second was the one I made for my co-founder Philip, when he said he was feeling a bit de-motivated. That’s how this site was born. It’s half Silicon Valley joke, half long running office gag, but I still go there from time to time to have a laugh.

But today, today we actually shipped a real thing. Pocket Casts 5.0 for Android. An amazing effort spanning many months of development, with some truly awesome design and features. If you want to read more, you could do worse than start here: http://blog.shiftyjelly.com/2015/03/05/its-finally-here/.